Things You Will Need


1)       1.) A current passport with at least 6 month left before expiration.  Make a copy of the information page of the passport and keep it in a safe place.  If you lose your passport, it is much easier to replace if you have a photocopy.   

2)       2.) A Brazilian visa.  You must have a current visa to enter Brazil.  You can apply directly to a Brazilian Consulate or use a document service such as Travel Documents Express in Washington, D.C.  Some visas are issued for 5 years and some are issued for 10 years, however, you cannot request one time or the other.  It is strictly random.

3)       3.) Immunization (a Yellow Fever vaccination is not required, but highly recommended for entry into Brazil).  Don’t wait until the last minute.  Yellow Fever serum can be in short supply.  Check with your health care provider for other recommendations on vaccines.

4)       4.) Stomach medicine just in case (I have never had to use it).     

5)       5.) A light-weight hat with a wide brim.

6)       6.) Two pairs of “stripping” gloves (sun gloves will do in a pinch).

7)       7.) An extra pair of both regular glasses (if you wear them) and polarized sun glasses.

8)      8.) Sun glass cleaner.

9)       9.) A light weight rain suit.  It doesn't rain much, but when it does it rains hard.  It probably won’t keep you dry, but it will keep the rain from stinging.  Helpful Hint:  If the sun is shining, with not a cloud in the sky, and your guide puts on his rain gear, then you should immediately follow suit.  They are very rarely wrong.  

1    10.) Pack light.  Most outfitter offers daily laundry service while you are on the river.  A new  requirement by the Brazilian DAC (FFA) limits total baggare weight on charter flights to 30 lbs. 

1    11.) Pack at least one set of fishing clothes in your carry-on baggage just in case you don’t get your luggage.

Carry your multi-piece rods, at least one reel and a few flies on the plane with you.  These items plus your fishing clothes will at least get you on the water.

13.) Take snacks that you can eat during the day while you are fishing.

14.) Fly line cleaner.

15.) UV Buff scarfs are better for sun protection than covering your face with sun screen.

16.) Carry your flies, leaders & tippet, and tools in a small collapsible tackle bag.
  There is not much room in the small fishing boats for big tackle boxes.

17.) A “dry bag” for your camera, rain suit, food items, etc.

18.) Rent a satellite phone.
  Reception is usually pretty good, and if you are going with a group everyone can share the cost.