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 I just returned, in September 2018, from my 15th fly fishing trip to the Amazon basin with Ron Speed Jr Adventures.  This year we fished the Rio Uatuma and the Rio Jatapu a one hour plane ride east of Manaus.  This was the largest group of fly fishermen I have ever taken on a trip to the Amazon, and they did not disappoint.  Our group was made up of 11 fly fishermen and 4 conventional fishermen.  We finished the 6 day trip with a total of 988 fish.  Ninety percent of the fish caught were caught on the fly.  Fish size was down this year, but we did manage to catch several fish in the 15 lb. to 18 lb. range.  The average size fish was 5 lbs. to 7 lbs.  I personally broke off 5 fish that could have topped the 20 lb. mark.  These fish snapped 40 lb. tippet like it was tying thread.

Unfortunately, this was probably my last trip.  Age (I turned 72 this year); difficulty of travel; and heat and humidity have finally taken their toll.  Fly fishing for peacock bass in the Amazon was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  People often ask me, "Why would you go back to the same place so many times"?  The answer, "Every trip was a new and exciting experience".  I am not an expert by any means, but in my 17 years I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about fly fishing for peacock bass, and I will continue to share that knowledge with any "first-time" peacock bass fly fishermen.  Feel free to email me at

Thanks and great fishing.






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